Finite Capacity Scheduling - Optimizing a Constrained Supply Chain


This book is a comprehensive presentation on what is required to deliver feasible scheduling solutions and to coordinate material and capacity resources throughout the scheduling application.

  • Coordinate and synchronize feasible real world schedules.
  • Never exceed capacity available of any resource.
  • Predict and provide accurate delivery dates.
  • Support communication throughout the enterprise.

ERP systems are excellent to account for allocation of material resources; however not effective for scheduling capacity resources. Capacity resources are production units and unlike material resources they cannot be divided into smaller units and remain functional, they cannot be used, stored and reassigned. Material and capacity resources require different logistic management. ERP technologies fail to make this distinction. Coordination of material and capacity resources are complex problems not accounted for by ERP systems. Capacity resources require being assigned to an operation for a period of time and returned to its work center when the operation is complete and reassigned to a different operation at a future date and time. Production scheduling is complex and is a difficult scheduling problem that requires simulation to insure feasible scheduling solutions.

The book describes constraints imposed by traditional scheduling technologies and defines how FCS systems eliminate constraints and deliver efficient and feasible schedules that can be executed on the shop floor.

Feasible scheduling is a prerequisite for coordinating and synchronizing material and Capacity resources. In complex production environments multiple feasible options may exist; FCS systems are capable of simulating multiple feasible options and then selecting preferable options based on management objectives. Compare this to ERP systems that only provide unfeasible options when infinite capacity scheduling methods apply.

The objective of IPPSA seminars is to demonstrate; how and why integrating Capacity and material scheduling is the logical solution to insure feasible and cost effective scheduling for managing material and capacity resources.

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Finite Capacity Scheduling - Optimizing a Constrained Supply Chain


December 18, 2013

By Bill Kirchmier (Author), Gerhard Plenert PhD (Contributor), Gregory Quinn (Contributor).