Finite Capacity Scheduling - Management, Selection, and Implementation


Our first book - Finite Capacity Scheduling - focused on Selection, Implementation, and Management Functions. Material Requirements Planning (MRP) was developed in 1970. Infinite Capacity Backward Pass (ICBP) was added as a temporary scheduling method; however ICBP remains today's standard for MRP and ERP systems. This has never been an acceptable solution; Interfacing FCS with existing ERP systems is the logical technical replacement for ICBP and is cost effective.

  • Learn how your application will benefit by a FCS system.
  • Demonstrates selecting the best scheduling solution.
  • Ensure proper workflow throughout the enterprise.
  • Increase revenue and improve margins.

The term for production control became planning and scheduling which continues in use without a comprehensive description of what is actually required.

Complex industries would be well served by elevating planning and scheduling to a concept that includes a more encompassing concept of current management requirements.

Today’s requirements should describe the process of “coordinating and synchronizing” material and capacity resources and that is what FCS simulation achieves.

The term “Resource Management” includes material, capacity, human etc. resources. These are resources that require management in modern manufacturing and other complex environments.

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Finite Capacity Scheduling - Management, Selection, and Implementation


January 28th, 2000

By Bill Kirchmier &
Gerhard Plenert PhD.